MicroFinance Mangement

Our Microfinance Management System is a web based mobile application. The software allows a microfinance institution to keep all information about their clients, employees, Savings accounts, loan applications and approvals, loan repayments, payroll, etc. It also allows for detailed searching and generating of reports on all information stored in the system. For example, records on loans, savings transactions, loan payments, and payroll can be easily searched and the results exported to excel or printed. MicroFinance is a secured and a role based application, which means users can only access forms assigned to them.

Email: admin

Password: admin@techno

 Main Feature are

  • Module Wise User Access Custom Setup software Module and Function.
  • Create Member by unique Account no.
  • Easy to manage member savings, deposit and loan transaction.
  • 5Generate password for member to use mobile apps.
  • Member can see his transactional activity by using mobile apps.
  • Member get the notification of every transactional activity by using his account no mobile apps.
  • Easy to manage savings, deposit, installment and deposit profit distribution.
  • User can create multiple type deposit account which depends on duration and profit percentage.After Matured the deposit account the member will notify.
  • One member can open multiple deposit and Loan Account.
  • Income expense information of Institution easy to manage.
  • Banking transactional record can be store on this software.
  • Due Report, Overdue report, Loan Officer Wise report easily generate.
  • Member’s personal statement of transactional activity.
  • Ledger Report, Cash report , Daily Summary, Cash Flow Summary, Profit loss, Income Expense,
  • Branch Cash Ledger, Bank Cash ledger
  • Cash Closing Summary and Closing Ledger Report.